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    Moving annual total


      Dear QlikView users,

      It's essential for my analysis to show Moving annual total (by every month, in percentage). I'm thinking, thinking and it seems not to work. In the dimension I put CalendarMonth, and then I want to use expression that will allow me to show changes so for ex.

      - for January 2010 you see sum of sales for last 12 months- so from December 2008;

      - for February 2010 bar you see sales for last 12 months- so from January 2009 and so on. I'm trying to use expression:

      Sum(InvoiceAmount)+Sum({<(CalendarMonth,-12)>} InvoiceAmount), but of course it doesn't work.

      Could anyone help me? Any ideas?


      Thank you in advance,

      Best regards,

      Beata J.