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    I'm not able to use GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE (QV is read-only)

      Hello to all


      I'm not able to optimize my SQL statements in QlikView becouse I'm not able to use feature from DB2 database which is called "GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLE". Becouse QlikView works only in read-only I cannot send any insert or update statement using SQL via ODBC connection. In program WInSQL (maybe some of you know this program) I'm able to send any SQL statement I want so it's not limitation from ODBC driver.


      In fact I'm able to use insert/update when I use MS SQL server os MySQL so this "read-only" isn't so true in this case.


      When I run my SQL statement in QV (which declares temporary table in DB2 database) i get such error:



      SQL Error:[IBM][System i Access ODBC Driver]Statement violates access rule: Connection is set to read only.

      SQL Scriptline:

      SQL State:37000



        (MMITNO      CHAR(15)     NOT NULL)



      Anybody can help ?