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    Internet Explorer much slower than Chrome and Firefox

      Hey all,


      we are using the newest QlikView 11 Server on IIS, together with IE8 as a client, using Ajax (not the plugin).

      The sheets in our documents are much slower in Internet Explorer (switching tabs takes around 3 seconds, changing selections 1 second) while in Chrome and Firefox switching sheets takes 1 second and changing selections is almost instant. We have noticed this earlier but never so dramatic.


      What we tried so far:

      • Refactor data model - improved calculation time of objects by a factor 10. Impressive performance in Chrome, still sluggish (although less sluggish) in IE.
      • Bare down data model to the basics - one sheet, one table, 100 data rows - no change
      • Bare down document graphics/layout to the basics - remove all customizations and pictures - no change
      • Create a new document and start from scratch, to rule out document corruption - no change
      • Tried QlikView-supplied QVW's instead of our own - same slowness
      • HTTP instead of HTTPS - no change
      • Connect directly instead of through SSO system - no change
      • Connect to server through internal network (high bandwidth) - no change
      • Fresh QV-server install, previous version as well as newest release - no change
      • Other client computers - no change


      From all this we conclude that it has to be something in the combination between IE8 and the QV server.


      We then tried using DynaTrace to find out which objects or which Ajax connections are the slowest to respond. It turns out that with every tab change, there is one Ajax request that takes almost a full second to respond. In Chrome or Firefox, we don't see this - all Ajax requests respond within 0.1 seconds.


      The URL of this request:



      And (part of the) response:


      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?><result session="{15E893F7-92CC-4505-8E20-6B758AF1EF39}" mark="40E41C792FB11D34" stamp="40E41C79CB302A7A"><object name="Document" title="Trigger_test.qvw" activeobject="" searchableobject=""><group name="6" mode="invalid"/><group name="7" mode="invalid"/><group name="8" mode="invalid"/><group name="9" mode="invalid"/>....


      What is going on? Has someone experienced this before? Is there something in the server configuration that we can change to stop this from going wrong and improve our performance? Unfortunately we have to keep supporting IE8 because our customers use it and are not allowed to install newer or better browsers on their PC's.