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    Exists Function issue.


      I'm a very new QV user and I'm trying to build a very simple load script which has to flag the first occurrence of a value in a given field, let's say the Customer_ID one.

      Looking at some of the posted thread about the exists function, I tried something like this:


      LOAD @1 as F_Customer_ID,

                if (Exists (@1), 'NO', 'YES') as First_Fruition_FLG,

                @3 as FruitionTimeStamp,

                        MakeDate (Left(@3, 4), Mid(@3,5,2), Mid(@3,7,2)) as FruitionDate,

                WeekName(MakeDate (Left(@3, 4), Mid(@3,5,2), Mid(@3,7,2))) as FruitionWeek,

                MonthName(MakeDate (Left(@3, 4), Mid(@3,5,2), Mid(@3,7,2))) as FruitionMonth

      FROM <xls file path and name>


      and what I got is that it seems that tool isn't able to find out any value.


      The First_Fruition_FLG column has always the YES value.


      Any help?


      Thanks a lot, Luigi.