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    Problem after migrated PGOs & QVWs to ShareDrive



      STEP A

      I have an environment with one publisher and one Enterprise server

      All the QVWs are stored in the Publisher server, and all the configs (pgp) are stored in the QVS server. This server are storing and hosting all the QVWs published by publisher.


      STEP B

      Last week I have tried to move all the Config files and QVWs (source and user docs) into a SAN storage. All the services, jobs and servers are running correctly in this environment,


      STEP C
      Next thing I want to achieve a QVS DR, I stopped the services in Ent Server 1, and installed and turned on Ent Server 2. I have configured the root path to the shared disk. The Server 2 was able run correctly except one thing...... all my "scheduled jobs" previously set in Server 1 were not showing when I run Server 2.


      Does anyone know why or have any experience on this? Beside the PGOs, did I miss out anything?

      Appreciated if anyone can give me some advice on this.... Thanks~!