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    Help about Paths!



      I want to understand the use of ..\..\ and ..\..\..\ I am little confused by the way it works. In one qvw when use $(Include=..\..\QVS\Load.qvs) I am able to include Load.qvs in my application but same qvs when I am trying to include in another qvw as above I am not able to include. It is working only if I use $(Include=..\..\..\QVS\Load.qvs). Any idea why it is behaving so?


      Any document to which explains about the path as above? Please share your knowledge on this.




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          Johannes Sunden

          If I have my .QVW file in a folder:



          And I have a file I want to include in:



          My relative path would be:



          If my include file is in C:\ the path would be:



          So, the ..\ just means one step up in the folder hierarchy.

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            Kaushik Solanki



                 Its the relative path which you are using to point to your document.


                 Let me give you an example how it works.


                 Say for example you have all your working files at


                 D:\QlikView\Working folder, Qvds at D:\QlikView\Qvds.


                 Now if you want to add qvd to your application residing in folder working, you can do following way.


                 1. Absolute path i.e


                 Load * from d:\QlikView\Qvds\Abc.Qvd(Qvd);


                 2. Relative path


                 Load * from ..\Qvds\Abc.Qvd(Qvd);


                 Here in relative path you are saying. Pick my current application path and (..) means go one directory out (Meaning go Back to QlikView folder) then go to Qvds and get the Abc.qvd.



                 So the number of times (..)  will depend on how deep you are into the folder structure.


                 Hope this will help.



            Kaushik Solanki