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    Dynamic Document CAL assignments

      I need further clarity on how this works.


      Currently how we control access is specific directories through Active Directory (so even if we assign a Document CAL they can't see it until we give them permission on AD to)


      We have 25 User CAL's and 70 Document CAL's. Normally we assign Document CAL's for people viewing 1 or 2 reports. It's come to the point where we have run out of User and Document CAL's.


      However with QlikView 11 there's a "Allow Dynamic CAL assignment" option


      I want to know:


      a) Do we need to assign Document CAL's on specific documents for specific users anymore if this is turned on?

      b) Would it be safe to remove ALL Document CAL assignments because of this feature and only worry about the way we give access via Active Directory?

      3) Do you like bacon?


      Any insight into this could prove very helpful. Thanks!

        • Re: Dynamic Document CAL assignments
          Jason Michaelides

          The "Allow Dynamic CAL Assigmnet" in the Licence section of the QMC is just for Named User CALs. Dynamic CAL Assignment for DocCALs is done in the properties for each document in the QMC, I believe.


          So, you could remove all CAL assignments and enable these features to reissue them dynamically.  However, if you are hoping to have a fast turnaround of licence allocation you will be disappointed. The server will only issue licence leases for a minimum of 30 days. If your user doesn't access for this time then the CAL will be re-issued, but you can't shorten this lease - which is intentional to stop customers using Named CALs and DocCALs like Session CALs. (Although you can always revoke the licences maunally...)


          Hope this helps,