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    set analisys

    steve peroni

      Dear all,

      I'm using the following expression, but I aim to know how it works. Let me add more detail: in my intention,

      I would sum all the purchase values till August (MY_MONTH) or other selected month


      aggr(sum({<PURCH_MONTH={"<= $(=only(MY_MONTH))"}>} PURCHASE_VALUE),MY_YEAR, MY_SUPPLIER)


      It seems correct, because I get the required values.

      Now, I need to  calculate another value but for PURCH_MONTH < MY_MONTH.

      I was convinced that I could do it changing the condition  <PURCH_MONTH= {" < $(=only(MY_MONTH))......

      but it doesn't work.


      Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong ?


      Thanks in advance