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    Qlikview License Issue

      Hi All,

      I am new to Qlikview,up to now i am using Qlikview personal Edition,

      Now we got Qlikview License ,we tried to apply that license but we get the following error.....


      Failed to reach server:Server Nmae:-1

              Switching to HTTP Tunneling

          Connected to Server ok,Negotiations Time Out


      Port 4747 is open from client to server


      How to solve this issue,can any one help me in this

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          it seems that you can't reach your QV-Server and you need to find out why.

          May be you need some assitance of your network-admin.


          Nevertheless, some ideas:

          Did you try to get a connect entering the IP-Adress instead of the Server's Name ? Next to check: Firewall of the QV-Server or even more interresting: is your personal win-firewall working against you ? Do you have any Proxy-Server ?

          Are you able to reach the QV-Server using the ping command ?




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            One suggestion:



            I attended a client, where every 30 days I had to ask the network administrator to unlock the doors (not sure which he released) of the server where I developed applications to rent a license on an external server because the client had not QlikView server named lime in it. Details aside, always gave this message when I tried the procedure without the release of the doors ...


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