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    How to set up pop-up label in list box and sort data in it first with images and further with text?

      Dear Community!


      I have an issue and need your help in it:


      I have a list box that contains data that is displayed as images, for example list of brands and every image is connected with that brand. It is for user to simplify his selection. It is made with standard QV 11 SR2 functionallity.


      Several brands are have the same picture. To define exactly what is it in this brand we gues to make a pop-up label that will specify what is it. F.e. Nike-shoes, Nike-Shirts, Nike-Accessories, everything has same Nike logo and with pop-up user will get the right selection. How do you think we can do it in list box?


      I have only field with the variety of brands, no hiearchy.




      Second issue is how can we make sort firt with brands that have images and in the end the brands than do not have those?


      Thanks a lot!