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    Use variables as filters for showing values in a table



      I need to perform the following operation:

      • I have a table (excel file) with two fields (ID and Text) containing a series of texts/messages
      • My QV calculates a number of variables (var1, var2, etc) through some sliders; each of the variable ir related to one of the ID in the excel
      • the values of the variables are used to determine whether the text need to appear (if a certain condition is met, i.e. var1>0, then ID1 is shown) or not, in which case the corresponding rows of the excel file are not shown
      • each row in the excel file requires different conditions to determine wether it needs to appear or not


      Can this be performed? If so, how?

      Caveat: after I load the data the first time, I cannot reload the data again.


      I'm thinking about a straight table where an expression based on a series of nested if() creates a flag for each of the ID, however as the list of ID grows (20-50-100) the nesting becomes impractical.


      Thanks in advance for your help.