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    Monitoring User-Detailed-Behavior

      Hello to all Qv Community

      I'm using Qv Server 10, and I want to monitor the detailed behaviour of my users on the dashboard i developed for them

      I'm currently using this tool http://community.qlik.com/qlikviews/1029


      but i need, for a short time, to monitor the detailed navigation on the dashboards (the selections, but even the values of some variables, ...)


      I developed a VBmacro that writes simple log files to the server disk containig all this detailed information, stored in some variables.

      The macro is triggered on changing of some variables.

      This macro uses CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")  and obviously works while testing on Qv Desktop, but doesn't work on the Server.


      How can I monitor the detailed navigation of my user, to optimize the directions of development?


      thankyou in advance for your answers.