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    Count with Set Analysis per Month

    Peter Brunner

      Hi Guys,


      I am trying to Count number of    New Customers Accounts, Per REP per MONTH,  .


      I am only selecting different MONTHS from List box as the rest is Set analysis.


      I am missing something here as I can only can get an aggerated amount of New Customers per REP up to MONTH Selected ?


      I have a table  with =   NewCustDate,  Rep, CustomerNo, CustStat


      the NewCustDate , Date format =YYYYMMDD and  Data Starting from 20120701



      My Expression 



        I have tried this Expression as well but give same results as above

      Count ({$<CustomerNo=p({$<Rep={'HARRY}>}CustomerNo)>}Month(NewCustDate)


      any help appreciated

      regards Peter