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    How to show all dimension values in straight table after selecting one?

      Hi there,


      Hopefully someone can help me with the following challenge:


      I have:

      A straight table, based on just 1 dimension (KPI) with several expressions (actual, target, etc).

      A bar chart, which shows the expression values if a KPI is selected in the table.


      When I click on one of the KPIs in the table, the specific KPI will be selected and only the values of that specific KPI will be shown in the table.


      How can I prevent this, i.e. can I make sure that the other KPIs are still shown in the table, when I click on one of them?


      Enabling 'read-only' in the table won't do the job, as I need the KPIs to be clickable, so I can still select one to display in the bar chart.


      Does anyone have an idea?


      Regards and thanks!