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    Combine fields

      How to combine multiple fields in to one






      these 3 in to a field called as Details how can it be done where in then the details field will have product, customer and amount as field values?

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          You can use product&customer&amount

          the & is a concatenation function. Also you may use Concat


          concat([{set_expression}]  [ distinct ] [ total [<fld {, fld}>]] expression[, delimiter[, sort_weight]])

          Returns the aggregated string concatenation of all values of expression iterated over the chart dimension(s). Each value may be separated by the string found in delimiter. The order of concatenation may be determined by sort-weight. Sort-weight should return a numeric value where the lowest value will render the item to be sorted first.


          concat( Code, ';' )     

          concat( FirstName&' '&LastName, ',' )    

          concat( distinct Code, ';' )     

          concat( total Name, ';' , Date )    

          concat( total <Grp> Name, ';' , Date)