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    QlikView Email Server setup not working in clustered QV 11 SR2?

    Manoj Kumar Varatharajan

      Hi, I am using the QV 11 SR2 in QA and Production. QA is standalone server and Email server just works fine and sends out an email. However Production is clustered box and Task failure shows up with a warning message mentioned below. Am I missing something?


      (2012-11-29 19:14:30) Information: QVS Distribution completed with success.

      (2012-11-29 19:14:30) Information: Distribution finished successfully.

      (2012-11-29 19:14:30) Information: Deleting temporary files.

      (2012-11-29 19:14:30) Information: Closing the document.

      (2012-11-29 19:14:31) Information: Closed the QlikView Engine successfully. ProcessID=1800

      (2012-11-29 19:14:31) Information: Document distribution done.

      (2012-11-29 19:14:31) Information: Task Execute Duration=00:00:07.0668000

      (2012-11-29 19:14:31) Information: Sending Alert mail

      (2012-11-29 19:14:31) Warning: Failed to send mail to supportgroup@abc.com

      (2012-11-29 19:14:31) Information: TaskResult.status=Finished