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    Problem with QVS & IIS & named host

    Darius Pranskus



      I want to use QVS with IIS and separate Web Site. I want this site to be accessible as different host name. So far I did the following


      • Added new IP address to my network card -
      • Added entry into hosts file  qlikview.local
      • Created new Web site with a app pool & .NET ver 4.
      • Added binding for ip, port 80, host name (header) qlikview.local
      • Installed QVS Full installation with IIS.
      • Disabled Anonymous Authentication on QlikView application in IIS.
      • Created new entry in registry as it is written in http://support.microsoft.com/kb/896861
      • Added QVS License. QV services all started. No messages in QMC.
      • Opening Access Point in IE it asks for username and password and then sticks on "Loading content".
      • If I remove hostname qlikview.local and change port to 81 in site binding, everything works.


      Could somebody help me to figure out what could be a problem?


      Thank you very much