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    Mass selection in list box and dynamically filled exclusion list


      I am QlikView release 10 user/designer. I would like to select multiple product numbers copied from the clipboard and entered as a mass selection, while the list box either allows manual search and activation by picking individual numbers. This is not feasible in case of mass data available. So far I am using the workaround with the search function by activating ctrl+shft+'F' , selecting 'PRODUCTS' and entering a condition of the type "= like 'xyz' or like 'xzy' "aso from an Excel list. How can I allow a user to easily enter a list of products from copied from Excel into the clipboard and paste it into a list box? Else, for some cases we may need an exception table and exclude products that have been marked interactively in order to be excluded from further analysis. The result should either be saved or deleted until next use. So we need both the active dynamic mass selection + the dynamic exlusion of certain product numbers w/o interaction of any upload procedure.

      Is this possible already?

      Thanks for your help