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    Finding lowest actual value which is >= AVG

      I have a simple sheet of order data, including an order number, order date, partno, and order days (time it took to fill order).  For each Partno, I display the average numbr of OrderDays and the 90th Percentile for OrderDays.  However, I need to also display the lowest OrderDays which is greater than or equal to the Average.  I have to do similar for lowest OrderDays >= 90th Percentile.  I have tried all kinds of combinations of expressions, sets, conditions, etc. but cannot get an answer.  The calculation should always reflect the user's current selection.


      QVW is attached with the data, charts, and desired results.  We've tried consultants and searching forums without luck... this seems like it should be so simple in QV.  Thanks in advance for any assistance.