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    KPI uses

      Hi All,




      Can you kindly confirm how to respond to the below mentioned questions, since i know KPI(Key performance Indicator) varies in project to project., but can you suggest what things you should highlight in interview prospect.


      What are the KPI's have you used and what is that?




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          khadeer basha

          Key performence Indicators .....it will depend upon their business. Suppose their main business is sales then they have to findout Sales per day, month, year.... so here "Sales" is one KPI, just like Margin also... Like this we have to analyze their business and find out the KPI's





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              Mohit Sharma

              80-20 analysis,

              product analysis,

                  BOMvsActual price,what-if analysis etc.

              to bulid this type of dashboards alike a      KPI

              these all condition faced in real time project of KPI

              hope this will helps you