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    Macro Edx

    nassim kasdali

      Hi All,

      it's been weeks since I work on this problem and I still have no solution.

      I use this script to launch my task:


      sub QmsEdx


                dim strTaskName


                dim strTaskPassword


                dim strServer


                dim strCommand


                strTaskName= ActiveDocument.Variables("vTask").GetContent.String



                strTaskPassword= ActiveDocument.Variables("vPassword").GetContent.String


                strServer = ""


                strCommand = "\\\QMSEDX\qmsedx.exe -task="&strTaskName&" -qms="&strServer&" -password="&strTaskPassword


                Set WshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")


                Return = WshShell.Run (strCommand,0,false)


      msgbox "La tâche " &strTaskName& " a bien été lancée"


      end sub

      I belong to the user group QLIKVIEW EDX fact that it has the rights to, i tried with IE9.

      I have this message every attempt: