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    Comparative Analysis with (previous month data)

    Suresh Rawat

      Hi All,


      I want to creat a report on comparison of : -


      1)current year month(2013-Jan) -  sum( {$<year = {$(=Max(year))}>} Wholesale.TOTAL_QTY)


      2) previous year month(2012-Jan)  -  sum( {$<year = {$(=Max(year)-1)}>} Wholesale.TOTAL_QTY)


      3) current year month -1 (2012-Dec),


      I done with first 2 points by set analysis with this formula but what set analysis i hv to use to create a graph for 3 point.


      Please refer the below image for reference, i have to create such chart in QV.


      If possible reply soon, its urgent.




      Thanks & Regards