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    Please Help for sum by specific dimension / AGGR function

      Hello i try in a simple table with 2 dimensions (Tiers comptable (Customer) ans Numpiece (NumOrder) and the expression below :


      =If(Today()-[D_ENTET.Date d'échéance de la pièce]>=0,sum({$<[D_ENTET.Module d'origine] = {"2 - Comptabilité"},[D_COMPTECPTA.Compte cumul 2] = {41},NumPiece =>} [F_COMPTABLE2.Solde (D-C) en devise société]),0)


      In a simple tab, i can display the total automaticaly with option graphic object.


      i would like to make a sum of my expression by only dimension Tiers comptable (Customer) but it doesn't work !!!


      I try with AGGR function but the result it's not OK. I want to display the sum of lines whith are ok in my test if today...


      I would like to obtain the result 352274,4 for the customer 0002076145 but with a sum or aggr function in my expression.


      Please see the attachement for concrete example.