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    Aggr function and set analysis help  !!!!!

      Hi everyone,

      I'm learning qlikview and in need of help. Please someone explain me how this aggregation functions work. Also help me in set analysis


      Chart 1: Dimension is [date day of month]

      I have these expressions working correctly:

      1. Below shows current month sum of sales

           Sum({$<[_date M] = {$(=Max([_date M]))}, $(eMonth) = {$(=Only($(eMonth)))} >} Sales)


      2. Below shows current month avg

      avg(TOTAL aggr(sum(Sales),[date Day of month]))

      3. Below shows previous month sum of sales

           Sum({1<[_date M] = {$(=Max([_date M]-1))} >} Sales)



      [date day of month] -days of month

      [_date M] -month series

      eMonth -month of year

      year and month will be selected in selection.



      1. How can i show daily avg sales of selected year excluding selected month values?

      2. How can i show daily avg sales of previous month (of selected month)?


      Chart 2: Dimension is [date day of month]

      3. How can i show below expressions?

      evere day is divided by first day of

           like : day1/day1 , day2/day1, day3/day1

      So that can see how much sales increased or decreased since first day of month


      Sorry for my english grammer errors