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    Calculating a future date

      Hi all,


      I am trying to calculate a date field for each row in my dataset. Each row represents a live customer that has a contract start date. Depending on the customer, the contract length can vary between 1 - 24 months. If the customer appears in the list, it means they are currently a live customer and there contract may have auto renewed many times already between the start date and the current date. If for example a contract started on 01/01/20102 and is 4 months at a time, then it would have auto renewed 3 times already assuming today is the 23/01/2013 in Apr 2012, Aug 2012, & Dec 2012 and my next auto renewal date would be 01/04/2013.


      Essentially, for each row I want to calculate the next auto renewal date beyond todays date. In the attached example qvw, I want to calculate Target Date.


      Many Thanks