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    Transforming data while Loading from an Access table

      Hi Everyone,


      Might seem quite straightforward, but is there a way I can change data while loading from an access table? Currently I am trying to use expressions on data I am loading from an access table. but it shows up an as an error while I reload. If I dont use any functions, it reloads fine. Does qlikview not allow the use of functions while loading from an access table?



      ODBC CONNECT TO [MS Access Database;DBQ=L:\7 Projects\2012\Qlikview\test DB.mdb];


      Load Period,

                if(SubField(Period,' ',1)='CW','CW','STUB') as Type,

                date(if(Len(SubField(SubField(Period,' ',2),'/',2))=1,'0'&SubField(SubField(Period,' ',2),'/',2),SubField(SubField(Period,' ',2),'/',2))&'/'&if(Len(SubField(SubField(Period,' ',2),'/',1))=1,'0'&SubField(SubField(Period,' ',2),'/',1),SubField(SubField(Period,' ',2),'/',1))&'/'&Right(Period,4)) as Final


      SQL SELECT *

      FROM `RB_tbl_Weekly data`;


      Essentially the expression above Takes a text like CW 1/25/2013 in Period and gives CW to Type and 25/01/2013 to Final


      Ive tried the same script while loading from a test excel file that I created and it works perfectly (See attached). Would be great if someone can point out what I'm doing wrong.