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    Straight table has limitation on number of dimensions

      Hi All:


      I am stuck with a issue here. Will appreciate your help.


      I am using a straight table. I have 11 dimensions and 8 expressions.


      If i use all 11 dimensions , my table format gets strange

      For e.g.

      Expressions start showing in between dimensions. Some of the dimensions start showing up totals etc.


      if i limit the number of dimensions then everything comes out correctly. But i need display those dimensions.


      If i move some of my dimensions to expressions then they give totals even though i check "No totats"


      Is there a limitation on straight table on how many dimensions can be used.


      Can you please suggest something for my problem.



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          I found the reason for my issue.

          Thought of sharing it with you all in case you guys run into similar issue.


          The problem was occuring because i was developing on QlikView version 11 SR2

          but our test server was on QlikView 11 SR1


          if i run my dashboard on Qlikview version 11 SR2 , the problem does not occur.

          The issue was occuring due to version incompatibility.