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    Hide Collaboration Objects

    Brent Nichol

      How can I hide a Collaboration Object in version 10?


      In version 9, I am able to hide a collaboration objects by right-clicking the object and the selecting 'Hide'.  In version 10, the 'Hide' option is not available, but the 'Remove' option is.  I would like to be able to hide object and possible use again later, without recreating them.


      Any ideas?



        • Re: Hide Collaboration Objects
          Mark McCoid

          The remove in version 10 and above just "removes" the object from the sheet it is on.  If you do remove an object this way it is still available in your Server Objects Pane.


          If you want to totally remove an object that you have created you must do it from the Server Object Pane.


          Give it a try with a test object first!