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    Ticket backlog

      Hi everyone,


      I have trouble ticket data that comes with an OpenedMonth and a ClosedMonth.




      Feb 2012

      May 20121
      #2Mar 2012Mar 20121
      #3Mar 2012Apr 20121
      #4Apr 2012Apr 20121
      #5Apr 2012May 20121
      #6May 2012May 20121


      I want the user to be able to select a Month and Year, and be able to see a backlog of tickets for that month and year.


      For example, In Apr 2012, tickets #1 and #5 were available at some point during Apr 2012, but were not resolved until May 2012.

      So I want tickets with OpenMonth <= SelectedMonth AND ClosedMonth > SelectedMonth


      The SelectedMonth isn't really an OpenMonth or a ClosedMonth.. if I create a list of every month and year, how do I select backlog tickets for selected dates?


      I'm guessing a straight or pivot chart with set analysis would be best? What would the expression have to look like?


      Thank you!