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    How To Set Up Section Access to reduce access for specific sheets in Document

      Hi There


      I wanted to know how to setup section access in QlikView so that the user has access to certain tabs as specified in the section access script.


      For example I have a QlikView document which has a high-level executive dashboard on one tab and four other tabs with further analysis of the high-level dashboard. I want executives with a username and password to only have access to a tab in the document which points to the executive dashboard and the team who do the analysis to have access to the tabs which hold the further analysis. I do not want the analysis team to have access to the executive dashboard and I do not want the executive to have access to the analysis tabs in the document.


      I have already done section access reducing data based on fields by specifying the fields in the section access script and this works.


      Just like data reduction, is there a way to do this to reduce tabs in QlikView?