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    Sort order in line chart change with set Analysys why?!?!?!?

      Hi everyone,


      I have a problem with setAnalysis in line chart:


      my dimension is YYYYMM


      and my expression are:


      1. sum({<MonthYearX=>}field1)                             MonthYearX=YYYMM+X where X is a number of month in the past or in the future

      2. sum({<MonthYearX=>}field2) 

      3. sum({<MonthYearX=>}field3) 


      I sort my chart for expression: =YYYYMM but when i select one MonthYearX the chart order put this MonthYearX at the top of chart order of X-Axes.

      Why??? I must keep locked my sort order...:(


      See the screenshot for more details of the error.


      Anyone can help me please...