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    Use calculated expression from another object -- possible?



      My goal is to plot a scatter chart based on 2 columns (expressions) in a straight table.  However, one of the columns needs to be calculated from 2 other columns that are dynamic based on selections.  I thought I can plot a scatter chart by hiding the non-relevant columns, but it did not work. 



      1. Is there a way to do this within this object?

      2. And/Or can I create another object with a column that is dynamically linked to the calculated column of the first object?  (Would also appreciate answer to this question even if answer to #1 is yes.)


      To illustrate: Say I have 4 columns (expressions) A, B, C, and D in a straight table object.  Column C is calculated from the first 2 expressions (columns) -- e.g. Column C = column(1) + column(2).   Goal is to create a scatter plot using C and D.


      Thanking in advance,