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    Drill Down Group Level change on Button Click

      Hi QlikViewers,


      I am trying to accmplish this:


      1. I have a drill down group in a straight table with dimensions in the following order : Dim 1> Dim2>Dim3>Dim4>Dim5

      2. Lets say I have drilled down to level 3 already.

      3. Now I have certain possible selections available in all the dimension if I look at individual list boxes of these dimensions (5 list boxes in my case).


      I want to create a button for each of the 5 dimensions now. Clicking on the button sets the level of my drill down group in table to the respective dimension, no matter at what level I was when doing the drill down from table.



      Hope I was able to clearly explain this. I am not able to find any functions to set the level of the drill down group. Please help.

      I have attached couple of file to test with as well.