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    Set Analysis Problem

      Hi Guys


      I have a data from 2009 to 2013 and i have given the Year and Month as selecton parameters.

      Now , by default i want to show the sales from 2009 to 2013(i.e  till Max Years Max Month). but when user select a particular month then sales should some from 1/1/2009 till that selected month of 2013.


      For Example

      If user select Feb. then Sales should come from 1/1/2009 till 28/2/2013.


      If user select 2012 in Year and Dec in Month Then Sales should come from 1/1/2009 till 31/12/2012.



      Thanks .......

        • Re: Set Analysis Problem
          Kaushik Solanki



               Assume that the date filed is CalDate,Month Field is CalMonth, Year Field is CalYear.


               Now use below expression to achieve what you want.


               Sum({<CalDate = {">=$(=min({1}CalDate))<$(=Max(CalDate))"},CalMonth=,CalYear=>}Sales)


               Here you  saying that give the sum of sales, where CalDate is greater then Minimum Date (which is 1/1/2009) in your case and the Max Date will be the one you select.


               Hope the logic is clear to you.



          Kaushik Solanki