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    Changing Backend Calculations Dynamically

    vikas pathak

      Hi All,


      I have to dynamically update the calculation in the backend without reloading the application. Problem is explained below.

      I'm calculating few fields in script eg.

      Class Score * Class weightage as XYZ

      Class score is coming from one excel and Class weightage from another and there are lots of comparison going on because of which i can't do the calc in front end.

      Class weightage is fixed as of now let's say 2. No my user want to dynamically change the Class weightage from front end.


      Like if he input 5 in input box for class weightage and Class score is 100 for A 20 for B

      Then it will give

      A 100*5 = 500

      B 20*5 = 100


      Likewise if input 4 in Class weightage Input Box (In front end)

      A 100*4=400

      B 20*4= 80


      There is no way i can't do it in front end. and the number schanged withoud the reload.

      Kindly help and provide me with Appropriate solution. Thanks in advance.