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    Applications shown in wrong place in Manag. Console after moving folders



      Can you help me please. I attach here a photo of the folder order in the Management Console of a SBE server (11, SR2). Root is D:\BI, there is no mounted folder. There are 4 folders in the root - QVD, QVDgenerators, QVW and QVWdata. I moved 2 applications from the QVD folder to the QVWdata folder. They had no task scheduled on the server, they both use binary load from other two applications whose location wasn't changed (paths are correct in the script). Both these applications have a macro in them to send mails after reload via binary load.


      The problem is that even though I moved them and they are both present in QVWdata folder they are shown in the way you can see on the picture. I checked - they are not present in the root folder (D:\BI). When I click on them some error messages appear as shown, but after that is clicked OK, the normal Tabs on the right are accessible - Reload, Document CALs, Availability is ticked (via IE plugin or AJAX) yet they are not visible on the AccessPoint (the proper files that are present in the proper place I moved them - QVWdata - are unchecked as they are not supposed to be shown on the access point).


      Do you know why this happened and could it cause problems for reloading these files?

      I will appreciate much any help.


      Thank you.