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    AD migration for Qlikview



      Has anyone done any AD migration for Qlikview before? I need some advices.


      For the moment, i have done some test on the DEV machine with the new AD server, i'm using publisher, so, it's simple, just like setting up a new QV server, distribution works, new ad user log in and able to access via access point. everything is working,



      During the switch, we will do the one-shot method...

      Kill the old AD, bring up the new AD, configure QMC to connect to the new LDAP.

      BUT ..... the Distribution part, as we will be copying all data from old ad to new ad, the user id and password stays the same, the different is only the domain.

      Will the ad authentication still work after? can the QVW still distributed to the right users?


      Any potential issue we should pay attention to ?



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          Hey Nick,

          I've never done this - usually I backup my publisher configs/tasks and I reinstall QlikView. It should not take more than an hour to do that. If your publisher config isnt that complex, you can also just rebuild the jobs.


          Moving machines from one domain to another can sometimes cause weird issues. Issues that take hours to figure out, troubleshoot and fix.



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              Hi Ralph,


              Thanks for the point.


              In fact, i'm more worried about the users access.

              I have 700 to 800 users, the big-bang method could kill the administrator if the publisher can't distribute to the right users.


              I'm making an assumption, IF the QWS works like the IIS, thereotically there's nothing to be done, besides the new LDAP to be configured in the Directory service connector.


              But i still need to test this ....