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    Adding a chart in a pop-up window

      Is it possible to present a chart as a pop-up window?


      I need to present as a pop-up or information window a bar chart or a line chart. I thought I could use Info Load and put a reference in there, but even if it would work for a picture (I haven't tried it) I need a qlikview object with the updated data; I don't know how to create that reference. Is there anybody who knows about it?


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          Don't understand your requirement exactly, but any sheet object can be hidden using the Show conditonal option on the Layout properties. I use buttons to change variables to 0 or 1 which I then test in the show conditional.

          Word of warning is that if you go the macro route of openning up new browser windows, you may find it isn't supported by QlikView when clients are connecting directly with browsers (i.e. the Ajax zero-footprint client).


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            Gysbert Wassenaar

            That won't work with an info load afaik. What you could do is use text boxes and charts that show/hide by clicking on other text boxes. In this demo document you can find a very nice example on the Campaign Details tab. Click on the Filter by Date 'button' (it's a text box) or the 'I' info button next to it. That's the kind of pop-ups you can create in Qlikview. It's all done by showing and hiding objects as needed.