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    Org Chart version 2

    Brian Munz

      Hi everyone,

      I recently helped someone who needed my org chart extension to actually work properly and be less confusing to use (the nerve!).

      So, this was a good excuse to quickly update the old org chart extension I built several years ago to make the properties more clear and make the extension more flexible.  If I had a lot of time, there's more I'd do, but this should at least be an improvement.

      Anyway, I removed all of the properties except for 3:


      The path is the same as before.  It is the hierarchical tree of employees (or whatever you're displaying) separated by dashes.  So an employee named Bill Williams whose bosses are Jim Smith and Fred Clark would be "Fred Clark-Jim Smith-Bill Williams."  It's a setting you can choose in QlikView to display as a tree.

      Name is the name of the empoyee (or whatever you're displaying).  This is needed to properly map and reconcile the boxes with the hierarchy. 

      The pop up content is where you set what you want to show up in the pop up.  This is the main improvement.  Before what was shown here was specific, but now you can set it to anything.  In order to mimic the pop-up from the extensions example demo (http://us.demo.qlik.com/detail.aspx?appName=Extension%20Examples.qvw) you would set this to be:


      =[Employee Desc1] & '<br>' & [Employee Desc2]


      So, that's it.  No huge changes, but it should be an improvement.

      The new extension will not overwrite your old one and will appear as "Org Chart v2"

      You can download it here:




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          Brian Garside

          Tried the new org chart, but the Name field is not rendering the name from path. The blocks are rednering correct based on the Org Path.

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            Paul Selous

            I am having problems implementing this via the Server/Access Point. Through the Deskop in Webview mode I see the Org chart totally correct. If I view the same .qvw file via the Server/Access Point, then I only see the text (content) of the boxes and not the boxes, nor lines nor "+" symbols. See below for printscreens.


            desktop org chart example.jpgserver org chart example.jpg

            In the QMC I have checked the "Allow Extensions" option for the server.


            When openning the qvw in Desktop mode, I receive an error message. On clicking upon this, every things displays correctly. When openning the same qvw file in Server/Access Point, I do not get such an error message. The error message is this one:

            error message.jpg


            Any help would be much appreciated.

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                Paul Selous

                I forgot to mention that the server and Desktop are running on a Windows 7 Enterprise machine. The Qlikview version is 11.20 SR2 64-bit (non personal) edition (for both the Desktop and Server).

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                  Morning All,


                  I've recently used the v2 chart object and resolved an issue encountered in this thread above by Paul. I'll post the solution for anyone using it in the future:


                  The v2 object installs to your base Extensions/Objects/ directory (v1 Installs under Extensions/Objects/Qlikview/Examples).

                  The issue with the boxes, lines and the expandable icon not displaying is because the v2 objects main.css directs to the images for v1 (ie :Extensions/QlikView/Examples/org/org_box_parent.png) - so it attempts to locate the directory created by v1 for the images.


                  Rather than installing v1 as well, you can open main.css and edit the url lines from: /QvAjaxZfc/QvsViewClient.aspx?public=only&name=Extensions/QlikView/Examples/org/

                  to: /QvAjaxZfc/QvsViewClient.aspx?public=only&name=Extensions/org/


                  Another issue I encountered was the org chart using hyphens as a seperator (hyphenated names etc), This can be changed by modifying the line var chain = row[0].text.split("-"); in the Script.js file to var chain = row[0].text.split("/"); or another character of your choice.


                  Hope this helps anyone with similar issues!



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                      chandini G

                      Hi marcus..

                      How to change orgchartv2 saparator - to |..

                      Please help me..



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                          Hi Chandini,


                          If you locate the org v2 script.js file in your extensions folder (I believe by default, this will be located under C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Qliktech\Qlikview\Extensions\Objects\Org\script.js). If you have v1 installed as well there will also be a script.js file located under Extensions\Objects\Qlikview\Examples\org\ but you can leave that one alone.


                          Open this in notepad and scroll down to the line "var chain = row[0].text.split("-"); and change it to your desired character |


                          Your extension should then split the hierarchy by the new character, if it isn't try creating a test hierarchy using a different character just to verify you're changing the correct file.

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                      Hi Brian,


                      Whenever i try to access the properties of Org Chart i get an error.

                      Attaching a screenshot of the same.


                      Please help.

                      Org Chart.png



                      QV Desktop Edition : QV 11.00.11149.0 IR 64-Bit


                      QV Server Edition :
                      Product name QlikView Web Server x64
                        Client Build Number 11.0.11149.0
                        Target Platform x64



                      Utsav Vachharajani

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                        Hi can anyone give an example of the source data used to load and plot in this Org extension. What data massaging needs to be done to load the data.



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                          Hi Brian,


                          Is there anyway to fit this in one screen so that you dont need to scroll. You show org chat more often to senior managers and perhaps scrolling is not the best possible option.


                          Is there any possibility to breakup the sub-level so that one can see only 3 names in one row ..for example if there are 6 people mapped to Yousuf, first 3 should appear in row 1 and the next 3 should appear in row 2. Perhaps that's one of the possibilities of displaying everything under one window..


                          Any suggestions on this?

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                            This version looks great (i'm currently on the case to get it added at work), does it allow for dotted lines of management responsibilities?


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                              Rajiv Maskara

                              Is it possible to have images in the popup content along with the names? Usecase would be a photo of the employee along with other details?

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                                Vishal Jada

                                Hi all,


                                I'm trying to pivot this visualization so that the nodes are positioned vertically rather than horizontal. Can you please point me to the area of the script where i have to make this change? This is to eliminate the horizontal scroll bar.


                                Thanks for your time.




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                                  Roberto Muller

                                  I've build an app using Org Chart extension, which looks fine on screen, however I'm trying to find a way to print it.

                                  The only option I found was maximizing the object and using the browser's Print option. It doesn't look good, all borders and lines disapear.

                                  Anyone with a better idea for printing?

                                  Or anyone knows another option for building Org Charts? (even if a paid extension)





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                                    Roberto S

                                    Hi, I am new to qlikview and I need you to give a step by step on how to use the orgchart.  I have an excel file with the following fields:  Parent position ID, Position ID and Employee name, where position ID reports to parent position ID.  I don't know how to use Hierarchy in JS.


                                    I appreciate if you could guide me from the start i.e. ...from the source excel file, then load in qlik view, if there is a script that needs to be done..and so on..


                                    I appreciate your help.





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                                      Roberto S

                                      Hi Brian, Thanks.  Would you mind sending / showing me a step by step process.  I tried to use this extension but it shows no hierarchy (path)... do I need to create this field in my source data?,


                                      Would you mind sending me a complete sample i.e the source data, the script that needs to be done, and any other steps that I am not aware of.


                                      My apology for asking too much.  As mentioned before, I am very new in qlikview




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                                        Hi Brian,


                                        Can you just tell me how to  refresh the report each time a selection is made in order to refresh the map in webview mode.My Map box extension is working perfectly but however when a selection is made on a listbox on the same page

                                        map shows nothing/blank.



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                                          Hi Brian,


                                          The extension is great. Thank you for your contribution!! I wonder if there is any way to include the Orgchart within a PDF report from a macro or print to PDF or capture a screenshot only for the Org Chart?


                                          Thanks in advance



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                                            vijeta sharma

                                            Hi Brian,


                                            I have implemented same extension but getting script execution error .Could you please help me to understand an issue.


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                                              Shalin Siriwardhana

                                              Can 3rd party org charts be embedded? I use MS Visio and Creately Org Chart Software to draw org charts. Is there a way I can use them