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    Qlikview server won't load a document with Section Access

    Ian Simmons

      Hi - We are relatively new to QlikView. After a few months evaluating and prototyping, we are trying to load an application using QlikView server within IIS. We have the Small Business Edition (v11) without Publisher and are using Active Directory authentication.


      This all works very well, so long as we don't have Section Access and a hidden script. Obviously we would like to take advantage of data restriction techniques. These work fine on the desktop without NTNAME, but with named users (using USER and PASSWORD).


      Before we externalise the security tables / files for scripting, we are testing Section Access using inline tables on the Server. Whenever we do this, it fails with the following message:


           "the document might require username and password"


      We have done the following:


      - Created a task to reload the document, and assigned the administrator user (called 'jdeadmin') to it

      - We have tried ourdomain\jdeadmin, with actual password, the same user in upper case, a combination with the password of the hidden script, with and without domain.

      - I have added the user to the Section Access as follows:


      Section Access;


      LOAD * INLINE [







      I don't want to name a user and password, we would like to stick with NTNAME.


      Is there anything obvious we are doing wrong? Any help would be much appreciated.


      Thank you in advance