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    Creating a Stacked Bar Chart on two sets of expressions

      Hello all,


      I'm pretty new to Qlikview and have just started to play around on the bar charts.


      I am currently creating a combo chart that shows the basics of Revenue, Cost and the margin. currently I have 2 bars 1. Revenue, 2. Cost and the margin is a line, but what I am trying to do with no luck is show a chosen month and the year to date figure on the same chart.


      So I would have:


      1) Stacked Revenue bar Month/Year to date.

      2) Stacked Cost bar Month/Year to date.


      Then I have 2 different lines for the margins


      I have created 6 different expressions Revenue, Cost and Margin by both Month and Year, these are against a Project dimension.


      Currently I can only manage to either group or stack all the expressions together, I sure this is something simple which I am just missing.


      Kind Regards