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    Is it possible to use Set Analysis with alphanumeric criteria ?

    Franck Robert


      Set Analysis is really useful.

      However, I cannot succeed in creating a formula which would take into account a restriction on an alphanumeric (or date) expression


      For example, the following expressions do not work :

      = count({$<NOM_COMMUNE ={ >= "ZZZ"}>} distinct ID_INTERVENTION)

      = count({$<DH_DEBUT_INTER = {">= $(Dateheure_d)"}>} distinct ID_INTERVENTION)


      Knowing that :

      Dateheure_d variable is defined by the following expression : makedate(ANNEE_D, MOIS_D, JOUR_D) & ' ' & maketime(HEURE_D,0,0)

      DH_DEBUT_INTER is a date with format DD/M/YYYY HH24:I:SS

      ANNEE_D, MOIS_D, JOUR_D and HEURE_D are integers that are constituting the following date : 01/01/2009 00:00:00


      Dateheure_d is correct as the following syntax (with a IF), works fine :

      = count( distinct if(DH_DEBUT_INTER >= $(Dateheure_d),ID_INTERVENTION))


      Can you help ?

      Thanks a lot for your help !