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    Calculated column in Pivot table

      Hi all,


      [Submissions]=== sum(if(wildmatch(POLICY_SYMBOL,'MAC', 'PAC', 'GLP', 'CPP') and [Receive Date] >=  $(StartDate) and [Receive Date] <=$(EndDate),1,0))

      [Declined=== sum(if(wildmatch(POLICY_SYMBOL,'MAC', 'PAC', 'GLP', 'CPP') and  DECLINED_DT >=  $(StartDate) and DECLINED_DT <=$(EndDate) and                                   SUBMISSION_STATUS='DECLINED',1,0))


      In the pviot table submission and declined are calucalted expressions.

      I want to caluclate thrid expression like below,so please help me to convert this expression to qlikview expression.


      Declined to Submitted=if ([Submissions]= 0.0 )then (0.0)else ([Declined] / [Submissions])