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    How can I use include files saved in UTF8

    Vadim Tsushko

      I keep all my load scripting in external qvs files. Typically my ETL QVW  file contains only one line of code with  (include=) command.

      In development stage I satisfied with this configuration.

      One annoying detail is that I cannot configure locale for such "include files".

      My load scripts contain many Russian names for fields and so on. Load scripts (qvs files) saved with ANSI win1251 codepage run successfully with include statement.

      But scripts saved in UTF8 does not run properly.

      I think it is related to the fact that I'm on Windows with Russian locale (win1251) on my desktop and on server. 



      In deployment phase - IT staff on side of client frequently prefer to use windows servers with english locale. So currently deployment is complicated for me.



      I would be happy always to keep all my scripts in utf8 (as rest of resource files used in project).  



      Maybe somewhere there is parameter for include files encoding?