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    Set analysis using date range?

      I have a requirment to count the number of customers that were contacted between two date ranges, I guess this can be done using set analysis however I am having problems with the syntax.  I appreciate any help?


      Basically I have a field named CONTACT_MADE which holds date value in the following format 'DD/MM/YYYY'  I need to count how many customers were contacted between two date ranges e.g. between 01/01/2010 and 31/12/2012 ? (note: multiple rows per customer)


      I appreciate any advice.


      Thank you

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          Gysbert Wassenaar

          Easiest to create two variable, i.e vStartDate and vEndDate, and use those in the expression. Make sure the variables contain numeric dates. For example


          vStartDate: date#('01/01/2010','DD/MM/YYYY')

          vEndDate: date#('31/12/2010','DD/MM/YYYY')


          The expression will then look something like:


          count({<CONTACT_MADE={'>=$(vStartDate)<=$(vEndDate)'}>} distinct Customer)

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            Michael Solomovich

            For this specific date range:

            count({<CONTACT_MADE={"$(= '>=' & '01/01/2010' & '<=' & '31/12/2012')"}>} distinct customer


            In a more generic form, where you can use expressions for dates
            count(<CONTACT_MADE={"$(= '>=' & date(startdate expression) & '<=' & date(enddate expression))"}>} distinct customer