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    pivot tableExpersioon

    Srinivasa Devadiga



      I doing  some calculation as below can any one guide me how i can achive this with more perfect way my scipt line as below


      =if([Company Name] = 'A',sum(Amount1)-sum(Amount2),0.00)'//////////////////First i wll check this


      if([Company Name] = 'B' and Det='c', sum(Amount2)-sum(Amount3),///////////////////////////i wll subtract both this amt

      if([Company Name] = 'B' and  dept='D', sum(Amount2)-sum(Amount1),0.00))


      if(Area = 'K',sum((Amount2)-(Amount1)),0.00)  // again  i wll add this exp result


      if(Area='Ar1' and MONTH ='1', sum(Amount3)-sum(Amount1),sum(Amount2)-sum(Amount1))///// will do subtract

      /if(area='Ar2', sum(Amount3)-sum(Amount1))// doing Division