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    Importing a table using a date filter

      Hello all,


      I am trying to load data from an MS Access MDB file into Qlikview (The connection to the Access Database works fine). The problem is that I want to load only a subset of this data, based on today's date.


      In more detail: the data has a field that contains 'planned hours' (called Hours_Planning), and Ionly want to load the future planned hours, starting from 'today'. below is an excerpt of the code:



           [Week] as [Week_Planning],
           [ProjectID] as [ProjectID_Planning],
           [PlanningID] as [PlanningID_Planning],
           [PersonnelID] as [EmployeeNumber_Planning],
           [Hours] as [Hours_Planning]

      FROM tblPlanning;

      The field [Week_Planning] should only be imported with dates greater than (or equal to) today.


      I already tried the following 3 where-statements, but to no avail.


      where DATE([Week_Planning], 'DD-MM-YYYY')>=DATE(01-01-2012, 'DD-MM-YYYY'); //we tried with a hardcoded startdate of January 1, as well as Today()
      where [Week_Planning] >='$Today()';


      Thank you in advance!