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    set selection by C# OCX

    Steffen Prendke


      I want to set a certain selection by C# code in OCX. First I open some QVW Application and delete the current selection:


      Application app = new Application();

      Doc doc = app.OpenDoc(@"...\Example.qvw");

      //clear current selection



      Now, I want maybe set the selection on the dimension time. For instance the value day and month.


      How can I achieve this.

      Thank you for some tips.

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                          IList<QlikViewVariable> list = new List<QlikViewVariable>();

                          for (int i = 0; i < qvReport.GetVariableDescriptions().Count; i++)


                              IVariableDescription v = qvReport.GetVariableDescriptions()[i];

                              //Console.WriteLine("Variable name : "+v.Name);

                              if (!(v.Name.Contains("filter")))



                                  list.Add(new QlikViewVariable(v.Name, qvReport.GetVariable(v.Name).GetRawContent()));




          This might return you the variables from your report.


          Now if you want to set any selection:


                      foreach (KeyValuePair<string, object> p in <your selections>)


                          Variable v = qvReport.Variables(p.Key);

                          if (v != null)


                                  //Console.WriteLine("Before modification content : " + v.GetContent().String);

                                  v.SetContent(p.Value.ToString(), true);

                                  //Console.WriteLine("Current content : " + v.GetContent().String);

                                  variables = null;





          But, I'll ask a question to avoid the qvReport.Reload(0), because if you want to select several months and generate a report, you have to reload the whole report again which might take hours and hours ...

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            Steffen Prendke


            this is the solution:


              Field fieldInvestmentRegion = doc.GetField("Investment Region");

            IArrayOfFieldValues investFields = fieldInvestmentRegion.GetNoValues();


              investFields[0].Text =  "Italy";


              investFields[1].Text =  "Japan";