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    Using percentage for multiple dimentions in a chart.

    Kim Stroupe


      This is my first post and I am a newborn to Qlikview.  I have data in a table that looks like


      AreaFacilityDeptUtil CntTTLPercentage


      What I am trying to do is to allow the user to see a chart where the area's are listed and a percentage for each area


      Property = 31% (sum of all Util/TTL for Dimention Area = Property)

      Jam = 51%


      Then when I click on Dimention (Area) I would like to see chart for Dimention Facility 208 and 308


      208 = 17% (sum of Util/TTL for Dimention Facility = 208)

      308 = 41%


      And last Click on Dimention 208 Facility and see Dept


      129 = 83% (Sum of Util/TTL for Dimention Dept = 129

      137 = 2%


      Any help is appreciated... Thanks Kim