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    combination of "inputfield" and "partial reload" in the script

      Hi experts,


      i´m having trouble with the combination of "INPUTFIELD" and "PARTIAL RELOAD".

      If i put both statements in one script the "PARTIAL RELOAD" (Ctrl+Shift+R) does not work anymore.


      Attached you find two qvd's and two xlsx's.

      Test_1.qvd  is the file with an Add- and Inputfield-statement in the script.              doesn't work

      Test_2.qvd  is the same file without the Inputfield-statement                                 works

      Test-1.xlsx  is the first datasource

      Test-2.xlsx  is the data for the partial reload


      My question is:

      Is it possible to combine the two statements?

      And if it is possible how can i make it work



      Is there another possibility to reload data from .xlsx-files without loading the whole script?

      One alternative i tried is to make a loop in a macro that reads every single collumn out of the .xlsx and puts it into qlikview via "DYNAMIC UPDATE". But as you can imagine it takes for ever if you have a big data volume. cf. http://community.qlik.com/thread/66640


      Thanks in advance and best regards